Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Italian Job

Time again for the raucous Salzburg Festival sideshow that is the annual budget finalization board meeting (pictured). This year’s controversy is Alexander Pereira’s 5 million euro overspend on a budget fixed at 60 million this time last year. In addition, the mayor of Salzburg claims that Pereira did not outsource financial commitments to the friends’ association last year, as agreed. But while Salzburg’s political establishment is demanding that the festival be brought back into budget, the programme has been long been decided and the only painless cutback would be the axing of the misconceived festival ball. Gert Korentschnig speculates that Pereira’s star could shine brightly but briefly as a result. He has been in discussions with La Scala for some time now, and his partner already lives in Milan, where she studies fashion design. As was also helpfully pointed out in, well, let’s call it another place, men in Milan ‘are not blind’.

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