Saturday, 29 December 2012

Wiener Philharmoniker’s New Year programme

Pictured are Franz Welser-Möst, ORF director of TV Kathrin Zechner and VP chairman Clemens Hellsberg in the Festsaal of the Hotel Imperial yesterday, announcing the programme of the New Year’s Day concert. The Festsaal seats a healthy number but you had to stand in a gaggle at the back unless you were Austrian print media or Chinese state TV, making it comically obvious what Hellsberg must resort to now to get an easy ride.

The programme, with nods this year to Wagner and Verdi, will be as follows:

Josef Strauß: Die Soubrette, Polka schnell, op. 109
Johann Strauß Sohn: Kuß-Walzer, op. 400
Josef Strauß: Theater-Quadrille, op. 213
Johann Strauß Sohn: Aus den Bergen, Walzer, op. 292
Franz von Suppé: Ouvertüre zu der Operette „Leichte Kavallerie"
Josef Strauß: Sphären-Klänge, Walzer, op. 235
Josef Strauß: Die Spinnerin, Polka française, op. 192
Richard Wagner: Vorspiel zum 3. Akt der romantischen Oper „Lohengrin", WWV 75
Joseph Hellmesberger d.J.: Unter vier Augen, Polka mazur, op. 15
Josef Strauß: Hesperusbahnen, Walzer, op. 279
Josef Strauß: Galoppin, Polka schnell, op. 237
Joseph Lanner: Steyrische Tänze, op. 165
Johann Strauß Sohn: Melodien-Quadrille, op.112
Giuseppe Verdi: Prestissimo aus der Ballettmusik im dritten Akt der Oper „Don Carlo"
Johann Strauß Sohn: Wo die Citronen blüh'n, Walzer, op. 364
Johann Strauß Vater: Erinnerung an Ernst oder: Der Carneval in Venedig, Fantasie, op. 12

Image credit: Terry Linke


  1. The 'Rolex' advertisements say it all, though not necessarily after the manner Rolex might have hoped.

  2. True, though as with the Musikverein's tacky Rolex clocks that Pereira has seen fit to introduce to Salzburg, the more ubiquitous the branding the easier it is somehow to ignore it.

    What said it all in the room, given Hellsberg's facility for doublethink, was the sense that Chinese state media was taken advantage of almost too shamelessly...