Saturday, 8 December 2012

Welser-Möst cancels Salzburg

The ORF doesn’t normally send a camera crew to capture FWM bitching about Regietheater with Peter Stein, so one of his indignantly-expressed revelations was inevitable at a Positionslichter talk held earlier today at the Wiener Staatsoper. Having looked at the finalized programme for Salzburg 2013, as the man who the other day complained about tabloidization and headline-grabbing explained to ZIB 1’s 1.5 million viewers, Franzi has decided that three performances of Così in five days is unacceptable for the singers and he won’t be conducting a 2013-5 Da Ponte cycle after all. This new-found concern for Mozart singers comes about a week or so after he signed off a December Probeplan for the Staatsoper that will see ensemble members cover a Christmas Zauberflöte – three performances over a week – unrehearsed. Different opera, different circumstances, but still: unrehearsed.

Franzi not only got a spot on the 19:30 news, but cleverly timed the bombshell so that Salzburg would not be able to respond. Helga Rabl-Stadler and Alexander Pereira are in Milan until Tuesday, officially to present the Salzburg 2013 programme to the Italian press, unofficially for Pereira to lobby for Scala GM.

APA report picked up by Der Standard available (de) here. Comments include ‘what the hell, he’s not an especially good Mozart conductor anyway’ and ‘shame he doesn’t cancel more engagements in Vienna’.

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