Thursday, 13 December 2012

O, du lieber Franzi, alles ist hin

When ‘overly hasty’ are the kindest words one’s slimiest sycophant can find to say, most conductors might take the hint and shut up. Not Franz Welser-Möst, who has given yet another interview, this time to Der Standard, about festival quality, 11:00, Pereira, 11:00, those who are truly worthy to appreciate art, and 11:00.

Pereira’s response was Gert Korentschnig’s scoop and so Onkel Willi, predictable to a fault, gets supercilious about the Kurier in his closing paragraphs (without mentioning names, since nothing at Die Presse has changed since the days of Moriz Benedikt and Karl Kraus). In doing so he appears to cast himself as the only music critic who understands the Salzburg Festival, who gets what’s at stake there (whatever that might be taken to mean), which is quite amusing.

One news item that neither journalist is reporting is an Orwellian bit of revisionism from the Wiener Staatsoper, that next Monday’s Generalprobe of Ariadne auf Naxos will take place at 12:00 instead of the usual time of 11:00, because Franzi has never conducted opera at 11:00.

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