Monday, 17 September 2012

Matthias Naske confirmed as new Konzerthaus chief

The vote was unanimously in favour, according to Konzerthaus president Teresa Jordis. Naske starts at the Konzerthaus on July 1st next year, leaving behind on the same day what must be one of the grandest job titles in classical music: Director General of the Etablissement public Salle de Concerts Grande-Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte and the Philharmonie Luxembourg. Not one to try with a gobful of strudel.

Naske’s initial contract period is for four and a half years, a better deal than his predecessor. Jordis has commented that the Konzerthaus is still left with some six million euros of debt following a renovation completed around ten years ago, and that to tide them over this season it has been necessary to lean heavily on the house’s main sponsor, the Kapsch Group. That would be the same Kapsch Group where departing Intendant Bernhard Kerres was CFO of the communications technology division until 2006, so naturally there is nothing awkward about this. (I wrote before about Kerres quitting the Konzerthaus here and here).

However weirdly the Kerres situation was handled, the Konzerthaus has at least successfully secured an exciting candidate for his replacement. All Naske has to do over the next nine months is avoid the ‘should have been Hinterhäuser’ muttering and find a way to magic those bothersome millions off the balance sheet. No biggie then.

Then again, he might want to start with smaller things first, like getting the Konzerthaus to acknowledge his existence:

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