Friday, 31 August 2012

Traditionsreiche Häuser

Matthias ‘life in Luxembourg is now more difficult for me than necessary’ Naske speaks to Der Standard’s Ljubiša Tošic about an appointment that wouldn’t be very Viennese without bumps along the way. Sinkovicz also weighs in with an article less about the Konzerthaus than his usual toadying to Thomas Angyan. At least droning on and on about the wonderful Musikverein has never compromised his journalistic ethi... oh wait, I’m forgetting his wife got the contract for this book.

Turning away from the Konzerthaus: I’ll have a round-up of September’s goings-on out tomorrow, but as it begins today here are some links to events happening tonight, tomorrow and on Sunday at Porgy & Bess, the jazz club in the first district. Earlier this year the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York celebrated its tenth anniversary and three concerts held to mark that will be recreated in Vienna, one including the Klangforum. If I weren’t in Salzburg again this weekend I’d be checking this out.

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