Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Die Straßen Wiens sind mit Kultur gepflastert, or new links

The streets of other cities, so goes the famous Krausian aphorism, are paved with mere asphalt. As Kraus also remarked, an aphorism is either a half-truth or one-and-a-half truths – but I promise you there are no subtextual ironies to be inferred from the links gracing this blog’s sidebar as of this evening. This list of Viennese musical organizations, ranging in prominence from the Wiener Staatsoper to the Subterrarium, is there for your information, and will hopefully arouse some curiosity as well as draw attention to how Vienna, despite everything you hear (and however much of that is regrettably true), is not without its genuinely exciting artists and happenings. ‘Organizations’ is defined loosely as institutions and other venues, festivals, and ensembles, but not listed, since live performance is the focus here, are music publications and Vereine which don’t host public events. Leave a comment or email me if you find there are relevant links missing, though be aware that the required kickback for linking the Vienna Boys’ Choir is of BUWOG proportions. 

Categories may come later but for now organizations are listed – approximately – in descending order of prestige, which has made for a revealing bottom half, so to speak, of Vienna’s lively and often underestimated contemporary/experimental music scene. That there is also some correlation with the decreasing cost of attending events is not surprising. In few other cities, going by my experience, will you hear as much new music for free or very little and done to such a consistently high standard as here.

So then, in the passive-aggressive manner our tourist board prefers to put it:

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