Monday, 25 June 2012

Mark Padmore & Christianne Stotijn close Konzerthaus season

Schumann’s op. 39 Liederkreis, Britten’s Abraham and Isaac canticle, and Janáček’s The Diary of One Who Disappeared make for a Heideggerian flavour of thematic programming which requires more than reflexive, one-moment-to-the-next performances, as I explain at length in my Bachtrack review. The Britten I wasn’t so bothered about, having been one of those awkward kids who wouldn’t take evasion for an answer when interrogating the parish priest about the ethics of filicide, but the prototypically Wolfian Liederkreis really needs more than a conventional response. The Janáček, which I barely know compared to the other two items, seemed to have more depth.

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  1. I love the Diary of One who Disappeared and one day must get around to saying why.