Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Und wie lebendig es mit nächstem in Madrid sein wird!

Directors are typically NFI at Wiener Staatsoper revivals, so this is encouraging. They are marketing this as a Neuinstudierung but with the Staatsoper that can mean a range of things, many of them involving little to no input from the original director (cough Schenk cough). Don Carlos opens tonight and continues on 28/4, 1/5 and 5/5.


  1. Three hours of rehearsal... that would get them a little more than halfway through the opera. (Really, I'm so glad they're bringing back this production. It's fantastic.)

  2. It did get some weeks of rehearsal and a GP before this.* I guess I found these 3 hours curious because to get ANY further run-through after the GP is selten am Ring. DVD of this prod has great video direction, though nothing like live of course. Looking forward to it.

    *(Am getting sent these Probenpläne every week, though unlike the Merker's source, mine isn't happy with seeing them on the Internet).