Sunday, 22 April 2012

Klangforum Wien 2012-13 highlights

The mystery of the cryptic postcard is now revealed… These seven concerts – heading: ‘Europe, global’ – won’t be all we hear from the Klangforum Wien next season (full Wien Modern details are yet to be revealed, for one thing), but this selective tour of contemporary Europe is what my Lieblingsensemble have on subscription offer in the Mozart Saal of the Konzerthaus:

1st October 2012
Héctor Parra – Moins qu'un souffle (à peine un mouvement de l'air), world premiere
Alberto Posadas – La Lumière du noir
Elena Mendoza – Fragmentos de teatro imaginario (versión corta), Austrian premiere
Francisco Guerrero Marín – Anemos C

Enno Poppe, conductor

30th October 2012
Klaus Lang – new work (to be premiered in September at the Klangspuren festival in Schwaz)
Peter Jakober – Dort

Markus Deuter, oboe
Anders Nyqvist, trumpet
Gerald Preinfalk, saxophone
Olivier Vivarès, clarinet
Thomas Lehn, synthesizer
Peter Böhm & Florian Bogner, sound design
Johannes Kalitzke, conductor

18th December 2012
Arnulf Herrmann – Seestück (Traum) und Tanz, Austrian premiere
Johannes Kalitzke – Angels Burnout Graffiti, world premiere
Sven-Ingo Koch – Der Durchbohrte
Hans Zender – Issei no kyó

Lukas Schiske, percussion
Claron McFadden, soprano
Markus Zapp, tenor
Vocalensemble NOVA
Peter Böhm & Florian Bogner, sound design
Johannes Kalitzke, conductor

11th January 2013
Mark André – da, Austrian premiere
Franck Bedrossian – Charleston, Austrian premiere
Yann Robin – Vulcano, Austrian premiere

Alejo Pérez, conductor
Lorelei Dowling, bassoon

19th February 2013
Ole Henrik Moe – Eraser's Edge
Malin Bang – new work
Simon Steen-Andersen – On And Off And To And Fro, Austrian premiere
Evan Gardner – Erstarrung, Austrian premiere

Peter Rundel, conductor

12th March 2013
The East
Dimitri Kourliandsky – Objects impossibles I oder II, Austrian premiere
Petros Ovsepyan – Crossed, Austrian premiere
Vykintas Baltakas – Redditio
Anna Mikhailova – Map of Tight Joint. part B. Bonus of Binary Balance, world premiere

Emilio Pomarico, conductor

16th April 2013
Europe, global
Unsuk Chin - Gougalon
Dai Fujikura - ice
Saed Haddad - On love II
Eduardo Moguillansky - new work

Peter Rundel, conductor
Joonas Ahonen, piano

There is much of interest here, a lot of it unfamiliar to me – which is how it should be – and not a single Beat Furrer work in sight, which has to count for something. For more see here, though best ignore the thought bubbles – is the obliviousness some joke I’m not getting? If not, then the Spain one (‘Does an insular position at the outermost reaches of the continent allow the preservation of a locally ascribable and identifiable musical idiom?’) really is something.

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