Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bezaubernd sind sie heute wieder

Regarded as one of the best young string quartets around today, the Quatuor Ebène have made a name for themselves with their homogeneity of sound, in equal parts vibrant and mellifluous, and the powerful immediacy of their playing. Hearing them for the third time in this concert, I was no less taken with this or their considerable musicianship, but had my reservations about the prominence of a certain Gallic sensibility in Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht.

Earlier in the week I heard an expanded Quatuor Ebène play on superb form as always, and thought yes to a Capriccio sextet which does something more interesting than aping our local pit, jawohl to the range of response in their spirited Souvenir de Florence, and meh to music hall Poulenc in Verklärte Nacht. See here for more.

Performances are underway as I write, so now is a good time to mention the glaring omission in my round-up of this month’s events – the premiere of Woyzeck 2.0, a new chamber opera by Markus Lehmann-Horn. The promoter is peripatetic conscience raiser of contemporary opera the Neue Oper Wien, the venue the temporarily defunct Kammeroper. It’s received some enthusiastic notices and I’ll be giving Renée Fleming a miss next Wednesday to take it in. Two other performances take place, tomorrow and on Sunday. Booking can be found here and some information about the opera in English here.

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