Monday, 30 January 2012

Das Land mit Musik

Here’s my review of an ORF RSO Wien concert a few days ago (programme: Adès & Elgar). On reflection I probably want to hear more from Estonian conductor Anu Tali; she has strong ideas and about a third of them pay off, which in my book is still better than timidity. Earlier in the week I also saw Neville Marriner and the ASMF at the Musikverein (programme: Ruslan and Lyudmila overture, Mendelssohn second piano concerto, Dvořák 9), though the ship has sailed on reviewing that one. My brief thoughts: exciting playing, very close ensemble (and with much larger numbers than usual, it seemed) and Marriner successfully doing his self-effacing if lively thing. Pianist Martin Helmchen could have been less self-indulgent in a couple of places but otherwise didn’t do much wrong.

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