Saturday, 3 December 2011

Peter Konwitschny in hospital for the last six weeks

They couldn't keep it a secret for any longer, reports Bild. On Thursday it was disclosed that Peter Konwitschny has been an inpatient at Graz's Universitätsklinik for the last six weeks, suffering from exhaustion. Doctors let him out for his Queen of Spades dress rehearsal and premiere; it isn't known how long it will take for him to recover.

Assistant director Wolfgang Türks took over rehearsals for The Queen of Spades, which explains a few things. The Leipzig prima of Konwitschny's Macbeth on the 10th will go ahead without him and is being overseen by two assistants, one of whom, Heide Stock, worked on a Graz Macbeth directed by Konwitschny in 1999. Presumably similar arrangements have been made for the upcoming Wiener Staatsoper premiere of Konwitschny's From the House of the Dead, first seen in Zurich last June.

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