Saturday, 17 September 2011

Robert Carsen beds down in Vienna

The Theater an der Wien's Turn of the Screw premiered on Wednesday to some very good reviews; I'm seeing it tonight. Looking through these photos, I was unsurprised to learn that Robert Carsen wasn't satisfied with just the one bedroom scene (Act II scene 4, image above is surely Act II scene 5) . 

My Carsen bedspotting so far includes his Aix Semele (seen at ENO), Aix Midsummer Night's Dream (alas seen only on the 2005 Liceu DVD), and Theater an der Wien Dialogues des Carmélites (premiered La Scala). And now this:

Big centrestage bed and a dream sequence. Am curious about this.

Usually Carsen's beds could stand more symbolic significance, but this seems to be heading quite boldly in the direction of sexual metanarrative. Apparently there is a similar scene in his Frau ohne Schatten at the Wiener Staatsoper (being revived next March).

Many more photos after the jump. For cast details see here.

Image credit Theater an der Wien / Wilfried Hösl

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  1. Let's not forget Robert Carsen "Rusalka" at the Paris Opera. There's a lot of beds in it. And rather splendidly used for telling Dvoraks story !